Guests will sleep on comfy pet pillows and blankets and will only be crated at your request. Guests will be treated to the sound of music or some may prefer a little TV time. Laundry service is available on site thus ensuring all bedding is changed and kept clean at all times

Stress levels of owners sometimes increase, knowing their Friend is at home alone and maybe prone to behavioural issues (chewing on your favourite chair perhaps). Why not bring them to doggie-daycare where they can run, play, socialize and enjoy walks through the forest. At the end of the day your Friend will be excited to see you, go home for supper and settle in. Less stress for you and your best friend.

Need a Break
A moment to yourself, a special event, or just need time to get caught up with things, then bring your Friend to K9 Country Retreat so you both can enjoy some R & R while having fun.

Special Needs
Does your Friend require medication or has special needs? Don't worry, as we can accommodate these requests at NO additional charge. Is your Friend getting on in years - aren't we all and we understand. Special care, attention and supervision will be given to the elderly with regards to socialization and physical activity.

Shuttle Service
After your first initial visit; for those who are unable to bring their Friend to our location due to time or transportation constraints we can pick up and return your Friend to your residence if they are staying for more than three consecutive days. Fees will vary depending on distance travelled.

Hours of Operation:
7 am to 7 pm

Special arrangements can be made for those who commute.
Call ahead to schedule your visit